Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Greg Gardner

Air Conditioning Services Gregs Heating and Air Conditioning Albany, OR

Building a Business

Greg began in this field as a young boy, working alongside his father and brothers for the family business in the small town of Smithfield, Utah. In 1977, after finding the woman he would marry he made the decision to relocate to Albany and obtained a position with a local business as an installer in 1978. Life soon took another turn and he would soon be a father. In 1979, his eldest daughter was born and, with the encouragement of his wife, he decided to venture out into the workforce as a business owner himself, and so began Greg’s Heating & Air Conditioning.
Greg has volunteered his knowledge, time and extra supplies to help those in need over the years. He has a giving spirit and is always on the lookout for ways to better his company’s services to others. His wife, Joy, has been by his side behind the scenes, helping Greg make the best possible decisions for their customers and employees alike.

Melody Ohling

Keeping Things Running

Melody is responsible for the daily operations of our company. She is primarily focused on customer relations and ensuring each job runs smoothly. From start to finish, Melody is there to connect with customers and team members receiving feedback and channeling accordingly. Melody enjoys communicating with customers and seeing the results of each project. She states, “I find the most enjoyment in hearing the customer’s relief once they realize they have a properly working system and know their family will sleep in comfort that night.” She is constantly working to find new ways to bring the best service and equipment to our customers.

Melody Ohling

Jim Nelson

Finding the Right Systems

Jim has been a part our team since the beginning. He has a kind heart and exudes professionalism. He will show up with a warm smile and a ready attitude. Jim is responsible for repairing and servicing our customer’s units and can isolate problems in a short amount of time. Jim genuinely cares about our customer’s comfort and is on call at all times to serve them.

Jim is knowledgeable in the functions of all heating and ventilating systems and can easily make the repairs needed for our customer’s systems. He is available for setting up maintenance schedules to help reduce future breakdowns and the need for costly repairs down the road.
Jim also doubles as our estimator and is always in the field assessing residential and commercial structures to find the best system for installation. As climate control is the primary goal when deciding which system best fits the needs of a structure, Jim is our man.

Our Installers

The Heart of Our Business

Our installers have many years of experience in the industry and work hard every single day to serve our customers. Each one of our staff takes joy in creating a more comfortable home for every person they serve.

Everyone who works at Greg’s Heating and Air Conditioning is vital to the success of our company. We are a family business, so we treat every employee like they are family.

When you work with Greg’s Heating and Air Conditioning, you are working with a business built on integrity. That’s why we offer basic, no-frills pricing with no hidden fees. Our team has been here for you for over thirty years, we are here for you today, and we’ll be here tomorrow. You can always count on us to get the job done right.

Our Installers

Our Services


We service and install everything from your furnace to your water heater.


Our team services air conditioners and heat pumps from Albany to Brownsville.

Installation & Repair

Whether your system needs repair, replacement, or retrofit, we have you covered.

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